• @stooged is back with another great new v5.05 payload to allow those with exploitable PS4 consoles to dump their original PlayStation 4 game discs directly from the blu-ray optical drive to a external USB HDD plugged into their jailbroken PS4 console, it is not fast as you can see from quote 'developer notes' post from PSXHAX forums, but it does get the job done!
    stooged said:
    It's not super fast, but it will dump the files to a folder named Disc_Dump on an USB drive.
    Just insert the disc into the drive, and then run the payload.
    If you use a new game disc, if it asks you about updating, just select cancel, and then run the payload.
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    DOWNLOADS: --> DiscDump.bin / DiscDump.html / GIT

    OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://ps4.editzz.net/5.05/dumper/

    via https://www.maxconsole.com/threads/p...payload.49375/