K3yn has released a new version of the Simple Simon game for the Nintendo Switch:

Simon is an electronic game of memory skill invented by Ralph H. Baer and Howard J. Morrison, with software programming by Lenny Cope. The device creates a series of tones and lights and requires a user to repeat the sequence. If the user succeeds, the series becomes progressively longer and more complex. Once the user fails or the time limit runs out, the game is over. The original version was manufactured and distributed by Milton Bradley and later by Hasbro after it took over Milton Bradley. Much of the assembly language was written by Charles Kapps[citation needed], who taught computer science at Temple University and also wrote one of the first books on the theory of computer programming. Simon was launched in 1978 at Studio 54 in New York City and was an immediate success, becoming a pop culture symbol of the 1970s and 1980s.

Features :

- U can use differents accounts for play.
- Highscores
- Tactil
Controls : - Double Touch or D-pad + A : Menu Selection - Short Touch or Short A : enable color - - : Back to menu - : Restart game - Plus : Exit game
Changelog :


added 2 levels
playable touch and only with joy in dock mode

v0.1 - Initial Release

download https://github.com/K3yn/simon-nx

via https://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopi...8aa07500bc3af0