• fOmey is back with a nice new homebrew utility app for using on your exploitable Switch to package up firmware files for you, this can come in handy to use to grab a 'update' from one Switch to use on another Switch that been banned from getting updates, so check it out below, currently its only v0.4 but its one app that will come more handy as features are added.
    The tool is quite simple: rather then having to depend on outside sources for firmware NCA's you can now dump them yourself in a targeted efficient manner directly on your switch.. I wanted to cut out the middle man. A means to a end, a tool designed specifically for firmware dumps.

    No longer are you forced to dump your entire nand to get my hands on the latest firmware, this was a huge waste of time.. or have to patiently wait for the files to become available online, which again is another waste of time - expect delays!

    What you do with the files is entirely up to you, development purposes? downgrade snapshots? latest firmware upgrade? Analysis? etc..

    Dumping process does take a while, but much less time than a full NAND backup that's for sure! Once the dump is complete, simply open ChoiDuJourNX and target the dumped firmware directory to install.. simple, easy & efficient.

    CHANGELOG v0.4:
    1. Fixed firmware version detection.


    1. Detect firmware version & append version to output directory names on SD card.
    2. Fixed a bug where you couldn't restart a dump after canceling in certain situations.
    3. Verify necessary partitions are mounted between operations.

download https://gbatemp.net/threads/firmware-dumper.522522/

via https://www.maxconsole.com/threads/s...y-fomey.49489/