• Recently, we reported on the news of Rockstar cracking down on people making GTA V Game mods/cheats, going as far as raiding their homes with police and dragging them into court, with one modder already pleading guilty to the charges and now YouTube is cracking down on any channel that has videos 'showing' people how to use programs like x64dg to make 'game cheats' or 'mods' and flat out terminating all their videos, channel itself, and does not look like YT is going to backdown on this, refusing so far to listen to the growing backlash over their Dalek actions!
    The reason for termination was cited as the following:
    We'd like to inform you that we've received a Circumvention of Technologies complaint regarding your YouTube account. Upon review, we've determined that activity in your account violates YouTube's Terms of Service. As a result, we've terminated your account. If you would like to appeal the suspension, please submit this form.
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    CTM (Circumvention of Technological Measures) complaints are apparently the immediate death of any reverse engineering or hacking channel YouTube or any complaining entity sees fit to target. Check out the following verbiage from the page linked above:
    When we say circumvention of technological measures, we’re referring to tools that allow users to evade a software’s licensing protocol. This can mean serial numbers, keygens, passwords, and other methods to hack software or games.

    A CTM claim is appropriate when the infringed material isn’t present in the video (or directly linked to), but the video offers a way for users to access it illegitimately.

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    Basically, a debugger attached to any application for any reason at all is cause enough for an actionable CTM claim. With that wording above, a company like Microsoft could technically target a video that shows people how to use x64dbg to invert the font/background color in Notepad. Why? Because even though the video wasn't demonstrating how to crack Windows, x64dbg can be used as a tool to do such work, and Notepad is a part of Windows, ergo CTM complaint.

    I know that's a seemingly far fetched example, but all of you here know the vast difference between teaching someone how to create infinite health hacks in single-player games vs., say, teaching someone how to create hacks in GTA Online or Fortnite.
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    So what are your thoughts on this recent turn of events, with large crackdown effort being made by both Rockstar and now Youtube?

    NEWS SOURCE: YouTube is terminating game-hacking channels (via) Reddit