• Dontwait00, @midstor @LordApple and the rest of the NX++ Team have released v1.5 of their NXToolkit++ for all to enjoy!
    Changelog: v1.5
    • Added a touch based menu
    • Fixed nand dumping crashing the switch

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    You can grab the latest .NRO from their GIT page, which is linked below, in the meantime here is their original news announcement for the first version released last month:
    We at the NX++ team are happy to announce our new software dubbed the NXToolkit++!

    We are working to improve this software every week with a new update to add more features! We currently have AutoRcm, Shutdown, Restart, Dump nand!

    What we are working on:

    • Install NSP
    • Install Gamecart

    To install the software please visit the appstorenx to download the latest build of NXToolkit++ if you would like to download offline download it from our Releases page and drag it to the "Switch" folder and enjoy the great features of NXToolkit++!
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    OFFICIAL SOURCE: --> https://github.com/LordApple/NXToolkitPlusPlus/releases

    via https://www.maxconsole.com/threads/s...nx-team.48749/