• Team-Xectuer has released a new custom homebrew app for usage on their SX OS, this one allows the Switch user to legally make his own game cartridge backups in .XCI format dumped out to microSD or USB HDD, complete with 'cert id' for safer online usage (if you so wish to risk it), and many other useful dumping options as you can see detailed below in TX's latest news announcement:
    Today, we are back with the help of our friends [WAIN] who developed a very useful app for SX OS: the SX Dumper!

    As the name indicates it, this app will allow you to dump an original game to your microSD card or USB HDD and then play directly with your backup without the need of the original game anymore. This version 1.0.0 is already packed with features, and we are already working on the next update(s) to bring you an even smoother experience.

    SX Dumper v1.0.0
    • Dump to .XCI
    • Automatically filenaming (full gamename.xci)
    • USB HDD & microSD Card support
    • Trimmed dumping (removed unused space from backup)
    • Certificate wiping
    • Splitting files for FAT32 filesystem
    • CRC checking dumped image