Jayenkai has released a new version of the rather awesome looking retro type platform game, heres the release news:

Platdude's great adventure continues.

Welcome to the wonderful world of Platdude.
We join our adventurer as he roams around a series of dungeons and caverns and puzzling areas for absolutely no reason other than to gather up as many blue spheres as he can.
Why does he do it? Nobody's sure.
But gathering up all the spheres seems to unlock a door to yet another dungeon, cavern or otherwise puzzling area.


The editor is as fully formed as it's going to get.
If you'd like me to add a few more tile types, be sure to suggest them in the thread! I have space for another 16 or so tiles before I need to rework some of the game's formatting.

Once you've made a set of 4 levels in a single pack, head back to the menu and play through all 4 to earn the "All 4" icon for that level pack, to ensure the levels are completable.
If you'd then like to upload your levels, take the MyLevels.lev file from your SD card and upload it via this page.

Puzzle Platformer

Please be aware that JNKPlat is more Puzzle game than Platform game. There will be a few occasions when you consider things in the game to be "wrong", because you're expecting them to behave in the style of a Platform game.
JNKPlat is a Puzzle game first and foremost.

Two Button Jump

You can turn this off in the main menu. The toggle is on the top-left.
It is recommended to play JNKPlat with two jump buttons.
The game is .. Harder.. with only one jump button, and I haven't implemented everything properly due to it requiring more than a little guess-work as to what the player's actually trying to do.
Hopefully when you start playing the game, you'll understand that a little better.

download https://agameaweek.com/?ShowJust=435

via https://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopi...3917e9e7076298