Many PlayStation 4 Pro owners have shared a similar gripe about their console and this was the excessive noise the console made when under heavy load. To amend this problem, Sony released the CUH-7100 model last year; but now it’s released a new PS4 Pro model, with number CUH-7200, to reduce fan noise even further!

The PlayStation 4 Pro model CUH-7200 is a pretty minor revision but it brings along an important improvement over previous PS4 Pro models.
This improvement is a reduction in fan noise by about ~6-7dB over the launch model and a few decibels over the CUH-7100 model. Other than that, this new PS4 Pro model also comes with the figure-of-8 power connector, like the CUH-711B model, which replaces the previous 2-pin PC-like power connector that original PS4 Pro models came with.