• @SciresM has been a busy beaver documenting all the changes big 'N' made to their v6.2.0 TSEC Firmware, that is now in control of decryption, which basically has put a 'stop to the current-generation' of Custom Firmwares out there for your exploitable Switch console, but if you are one of lucky few that have been given the new set of 'master keys' and 'pk11' keys for v6.2.0 which were found with new undisclosed exploit, then you can place them in the 'atmosphere/prod.keys' file, and enjoy having the first v6.2.0 CFW!
    Pushed some 6.2.0 support code to atmosphere-master -- for now stuff requires you to bring your own keys externally, but if you do...
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    Now with this update out on the official GITHub Project Page linked below, it means the battle is on, with whom will leak the 'keys' and whom will copy the work by @SciresM to produce a complete CFW package that does not need any external dumping tools or secrets!

    NEWS SOURCE: @SciresM (via) Twitter