• Microsoft has been very busy recently trying to get on top of the next-gen console battle ground, they have taken a beating recently with Nintendo's Switch, and still increasing sales of PlayStation 4, and as such the latest rumor is M$ is planning to go 'disc-less'!
    In the wake of the news that Sony will not be attending E3 next year, Microsoft’s hardware plans for 2019 will likely be a huge win for the brand and for gamers. The company is planning to release an updated console next year, but this device will not be in the Scarlett family, according to people familiar with the company’s plans.

    The Scarlett devices are Microsoft’s next-gen consoles and are not expected until 2020 but in 2019, the company is planning to release a disc-less console. And if this is making you nervous because you have a large collection of physical discs for your current Xbox, Microsoft has you covered.

    In addition to the new console, there will be a ‘disc-to-digital’ program that, as the name states, turns your physical games into digital downloads. The idea is that you can take your disc to a participating retailer (like the Microsoft store) and trade in your disc for a digital download.

    The goal with the new console is to lower the price point for the hardware. Currently, it costs about $299 to buy into the Xbox One family of devices, Microsoft is looking to lower that price by possibly as much as $100; the new console price point is expected to be $200 or less.
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    Disc-Less Xbox One is Coming in 2019

    NEWS SOURCE: Microsoft’s Building a Disc-Less Xbox One for Release in 2019 (via) Thurrott