• Currently, to transfer files back and forth to your Nintendo Switch, you either have to remove/insert your MicroSD between your console and PC, or you have to enable WiFi and use an FTP server to transfer files, but now scene developer @ischeinkman has started working on NX-USB which allows to you access your Switch on your PC with just a simple handy-dandy USB cable connected between your Switch and PC, and bang you can start transferring files back & forth.
    NX-USB is composed of 2 parts: a "server" component that runs on the switch, called nxusb_server.nro, and a "client" component that runs each command on the computer.

    1. Grab a copy of nxusb_server.nro. This can either be done by building it yourself, or just by downloading it from the Releases page.
    2. Make sure that you have gotten nxusb_server.nro on to your Switch somewhere where it can be ran from.
    3. Find a valid client, which at this point is only possible by downloading Rust and building it yourself via cargo build -p client. At the moment, the client executable is just called client, so that is what we will be using to refer to it here, but this may change in the future.


    1. Connect the Switch to the computer via USB.
    2. Run nxusb_server.nro on the Switch.
    3. Use the client to transfer files between the computer and the switch:
      • To "push" a file TO the Switch FROM the computer, use ./client --push [NEW PATH ON SWITCH] [EXISTING FILE ON COMPUTER].
      • To "pull" a file FROM the Switch TO the computer, use ./client --pull [EXISTING FILE ON SWITCH] [NEW PATH ON COMPUTER]`

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    OFFICIAL GITHub Project Page: --> https://github.com/ischeinkman/Nx-Usb/releases

    via https://www.maxconsole.com/threads/w...einkman.49733/