A short while ago, word spread that some Pokemon Letís Go Pikachu dump managed to mess up your Nintendo Switchís NAND and this resulted in a brick. However, this was only a soft brick because you could revive your Nintendo Switch IF you had previously done a NAND backup which is something that all people hacking their Switch should do!

Now, yet another dump that soft bricks your console is out in the wild and this time, itís for Super Smash Bros Ultimate which is a game thatís been leaked ahead of its December 7 release date. As a result, it is important to avoid downloading a SSBU dump from unverified sources even if you canít resist the urge of getting it legally when itís publicly released (even though you shouldnít pirate it to begin with).

Hopefully, this news article brings to light two important things which some people still need to learn. The first is that of not installing firmware updates before word is released on whether theyíre hackable or not EVEN if your console is hacked at the hardware level. The other is that of NOT getting dumps from unconfirmed sources if you go down the illegitimate gaming route because similar things also happened in the PSVita scene.

via http://wololo.net/2018/11/25/nintend...e-precautions/