Sometime in 2016/7, an anonymous user on 4chan apparently worked on porting Hydra Castle Labyrinth to the Nintendo 3DS. Then, in March 2017, a GBATemp found this userís work and brought it some visibility. Shortly after, the 3DSí port source code was uploaded to GitHub and it turned out that it contained a nearly complete PSP port!

Hydra Castle Labyrinth for the PSP works quite well and itís on-par with the PSVita port!

Fast forwarding a little under a year, in February 2018, Wololo /talk user ďcarstene1nsĒ, with the help ďptitSebĒ, was able to polish up and fix up the PSP port enough so that it could enjoy by the public. I personally tested it on my PSVita via Adrenaline and these are my observations:

  • Sound and music work
  • Performance is quite good and I didnít notice any stutters in my short play session
  • Both the d-pad and the analogue stick can be used for movement
  • Thereís an option to use 1:1 scaling, to fill the screen while keeping the gameís aspect ratio (4:3) and to stretch the game to 16:9
  • Thereís a blur mode which you can enable for smoother graphics

To get this homebrew game, follow this link to its Wololo /talk thread. If you have a PSVita, you can get a native port of HCL for it via VHBB.