If you were around a couple of years ago, then you may have head of a homebrew called CyanogenPSP. This homebrew provided your PSP with an Android-esque interface and it had numerous features including:

  • A launcher for homebrew, PS1 games and PSP games
  • A picture viewer and music playerCMFileManager PSP is probably the best PSP file manager out there even though itís a little late to the game

  • Support for custom wallpapers and fonts among other features

While it included a lot of features and looked quite nice, its developer, Joel16, says that its code was quite a mess and the file manager barely worked. To Ďremedyí this, he decided to give the PSP scene one final contribution and that was the release of CMFileManagerPSP which, obviously, contains much better coding than CyanogenPSP as Joel16 has learned a lot during his Computer Engineering course.
CMFileManagerPSP looks very similar to NXShell and provides the following features:

  • Ability to copy/move/paste/delete and rename files and folders. You may also create folders
  • Option to browse flash0 and flash1 although you should be careful not to mess around with anything here unless you know what youíre doing
  • An image viewer (which didnít work properly on the images I tried)
  • A dark theme although I prefer the lighter one
  • It can launch ISOs and homebrew
  • Many other features including auto USB mounting and a nice looking status bar

To grab CMFileManagerPSP, follow this link to its Wololo /talk page. If you had already downloaded it a short while back, note that version 1.01 was made available a week ago!