UniPCEmu, by ‘Superfury’, is an x86 emulator that was originally made for the PSP but later on, it got ported to Windows and Android. This emulator apparently lets you emulate a whole slew of different hardware configurations, from an IBM PC with an 8086 to a Compaq Deskpro 386 with an 80486.
UniPCEmu has a whole slew of options you can fiddle with it but it’s a little complex to set up!

Unlike the other two pieces of homebrew mentioned in this article, there isn’t much of a story relating to the PSP version but I could come up with the following conclusions after loading it up on my PSVita:

  • It has a whole slew of options to configure which hints that it values compatibility and accuracy over other emulators
  • The menu is similar to that found in DaedalusX64 with the L/R triggers to navigate between pages
  • The EBOOT takes a long time to load but it eventually works
  • According to its developer, performance isn’t the best but you should try it anyway if you want to play some old DOS games on your PSP

For more information, check out the website linked above or its Wololo /talk thread.

via http://wololo.net/2018/11/23/overloo...-and-unipcemu/