C64-Archiv v4.0 is released. C64-Archiv is an easy to use file manager for C64-files on your PC. This program can work together with emulators such as VICE, CCS64, HOXS64 and EMU64 to start programs.

C64-Archiv v4.0 Changelog:
The C64-Archiv was rewritten from scratch:
New: Modern GUI
New: Faster database engine (SQLite)
New: Functions to copy, move, rename or delete images
New: Dialog to select start params of emulators
New: Custom settings for each C64 program
New: Advanced options to filter views
New: File types: MP3,MP4 and AVI
Please note:
1) There still isn't a gamebase view. A new gamebase engine (v.1.4) is announced. Please have a look at the gamebase forum.
2) Categories and MD5 hashes are no longer supported.


via http://www.emucr.com/2018/11/c64-archiv-v40.html