AppleWin v1.27.12.0 is released. AppleWin (also known as Apple //e Emulator for Windows) is an open source software emulator for running Apple II programs in Microsoft Windows. AppleWin has support for most programs that could run either on the Apple II+ or the Apple IIe. By default, AppleWin emulates the Extended Keyboard IIe (better known as the Platinum IIe) with built-in 80-column text support, 128 kilobytes of RAM, two 5.25-inch floppy disk drives, a joystick, a serial card and 65C02 CPU. AppleWin supports lo-res, hi-res, and double hi-res graphics modes and can emulate both color and monochrome Apple II monitors; later versions of AppleWin also can emulate a television set used as a monitor. Both 40-column and 80-column text is supported.

AppleWin can emulate the Apple II joystick (using the PC's default controller), paddle controllers (using the computer mouse), and can also emulate the Apple II joystick using the PC keyboard. AppleWin can also use the PC speaker to emulate the Apple II's sound if no sound card is available (does not work under NT-based Windows versions). Full screen mode is available through the use of DirectX. Features added to the latest versions of AppleWin include Ethernet support using Uthernet, Mockingboard and Phasor sound card support, SSI263 speech synthesis, hard drive disk images and save states.

AppleWin v1.27.12.0 Changelog:
[Change #574] Add support for PAL/European or custom 8K video ROMs:
Added new command line switch: -videorom
Replaces the video ROM for the Enhanced //e.
Support video ROM sizes of 4K, 8K and 16K (top 8K only).
NB. The rocker switch is set to the European video ROM position.
F10 (for //e or Enhanced //e models) emulates the PAL //e's rocker switch (under the keyboard).
Use to toggle between European or US video ROM.
[Change #583] Added new switch: '-no-hook-alt':
Used to prevent left/right ALT from emulating Open/Solid Apple keys.
For European keyboards where AltGr is needed to type keys like '[',']'.