• SciresM has yet again updated his CFW that brings evenj better support when it comes to auto-generating the bootup keys you need, so if you been using 0.8.1 and having issues, then its time to update yet again!
    SciresM said:
    It's December's first June 15th today:

    Atmosphere 0.8.2 has released: https://github.com/Atmosphere-NX/Atm...ases/tag/0.8.2

    This fixes a number of bugs, including "Key Derivation Failed" errors on boot, sleep mode compatibility with debugmode=1, and 1.0.0 compatibility.
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    Please remember if/when Nintendo releases v6.3.0 or any update to their v6.2.0 firmware, NOT to UPDATE until its verified this 'TSEC exploit' is still possible, because once it blocked, it will be very tough for any CFW author to move forward in releasing new updates!

    NEWS SOURCE: @SciresM (via) Twitter