Metal Max, Crea-Techís classic post-apocalyptic Famicom RPG about blasting the hell out of everything with tanks, has finally received a full English translation!
Metal Max tells the story of a boy who, kicked out of his fatherís house, becomes a Monster Hunter. Amassing a fleet of tanks, he and (optionally) a couple of friends roam the ruins of the world, seeking the bounties on wanted monsters and the occasional human.
Itís one of the first open-world JRPGs ever made, and boasts intricate but intuitive vehicle mechanics that became a series trademark. The gameís design was years ahead of its time, and while its open-ended everything-is-optional gameplay befuddled many contemporary critics, itís today recognized as one of the all-time greats in the Famicom library.
This English translation patch is the work of Supper (hacking), TheMajinZenki (translation), cccmar (editing and testing), and Xanathis (testing). Special thanks goes to Filler, who initiated the project. This marks only the second completed fan translation of a Metal Max game to date; hereís hoping to see more soon!
A lot of care has gone into making this a quality translation, so enjoy!