RECOIL v4.3.1 is released. RECOIL is a viewer of pictures in native formats of classic computers: Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari 8-bit, Atari Portfolio, Atari ST, Atari TT, Atari Falcon, BBC Micro, Commodore 16, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Macintosh 128K, MSX, NEC PC-88, NEC PC-98, Oric, SAM Coupé, Sharp X68000, TRS-80, TRS-80 Color Computer, ZX81 and ZX Spectrum.

RECOIL v4.3.1 Changelog:
New formats: HAME, DCTV, HRG
Improved formats: PI, SPX, PCS, PI4, IFF (RAST chunk), IMG (STTT/HyperPaint), SRT
Android: fixed crash on start on some devices; file picker asks for permission (previously granted on install)
Windows 10: open multiple files
HTML5: save as PNG