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Thread: Detroit: Become Human hits two million sales

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    Default Detroit: Become Human hits two million sales

    Detroit: Become Human has now sold two million units, less than a year on from launch.
    It is also the French studio's fastest selling game to date, which it has been ever since its first two week on sale.
    In June, Quantic Dream co-CEO Guillaume de Fondaumiere said that Detroit: Become Human reached one million sales after a fortnight -- significantly faster than Heavy Rain, which needed five weeks to hit that milestone.
    The game also received a warm reception from the media, and is certainly the high-point of 2018 for Quantic Dream. This year, the French studio was also accused of having a toxic working culture, which ultimately led to a court case with a former employee.

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    I guess Connor just made it perfect (I mean not only the story, but also the main vector of the game).

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