PS4 Firmware 6.20 was released yesterday, right after a series of announcements related to PS4 exploits. It would be very unlikely for Sony to be able to react so quickly to scene news, but people were still worried that some exploits could have been patched with this update.
Since 6.20 was released, it has been confirmed by multiple people that the recently revealed Webkit vulnerability is still there on 6.20. (Confirmations here and here for example).
Additionally, Zecoxao has confirmed that the “top secret method” he mentioned for “games” on firmware 6.02 (which we assume at the moment means a possibility for piracy, not much more, on the console) is also allegedly working on firmware 6.20.
Zecoxao also clarified that he is not the person who found the glitch, and has no control on when that person will disclose the method.