A team of community modders for Minecraft have banded together to form a fully-fledged games studio.
Hypixel Studio is the new company from the team behind the Hypixel server network, one of the most popular independent Minecraft servers.
The developer was founded with the help of an investor group thast includes Riot Games, ex-Blizzard exec Rob Pardo, Pardo's fellow Bonfire co-founder Min Kim, pro-gamer Dennis 'Thresh' Fong, university professor Anthony Borquez, and investors Peter Levin and Jeff Lo.
Some of these investors have formed an advisory group to guide the studio forward.
Hypixel is already hard at work on its first project, Hytale. This will be a sandbox roleplaying game complimented by a mini-games platform and a variety of accessible tools enabling users to create and customise their own content for the game.