• This month, several free updates to Dragalia Lost, Nintendo's first original IP created exclusively for smart devices, will bring a treasure chest full of holiday cheer and new content to Alberia, including the introduction of the game's first new story content to release since launch.
    The first set of in-game content launches Dec. 17 and will include:
    • "The Miracle of Dragonyule" Facility Event - From Dec. 17 to Dec. 26, Yuletrees decorate the town as people eagerly await the arrival of Saint Starfall, but fiends have come to ruin the Dragonyule festivities. Players can acquire a Yuletree, an event-specific facility that powers up water-element adventurers, and will want to use their water-element adventurers during special boss battles, daily battles and challenge battles for a chance to earn event-exclusive in-game items and rewards.
    • "Dragonyule Defenders" Summon Showcase - From Dec. 17 to Dec. 30, players will have the opportunity to summon limited-time adventurers, dragons and wyrmprints, including Cleo (Dragonyule Version), Nefaria (Dragonyule Version), Xander (Dragonyule Version), Jeanne d'Arc (Dragonyule Version) and more.
    • "High Brunhilda" Event Quest - The new high-difficulty event quest, High Brunhilda, will be added to Advanced Dragon Trials. Players will be able to test their skills against the Mistress of Crimson, the Inferno Clad, in her true form.
    • Other Bonuses - Various in-game bonuses for players to enjoy will be added, including year-end login bonuses and a reset of Social Rewards for playing co-op.

    On Dec. 27, Dragalia Lost will also release its first new story chapter since launch. Chapter 7 of the main story, Trek to the Aquapolis, follows Euden and company as they set out for Saint Lotier, a city of water with an unexpected ruler.

    Developed in partnership with Cygames, Dragalia Lost is a free-to-start game where players must unite with powerful dragons and assemble a customized party of adventurers to save the Kingdom of Alberia. By engaging in real-time battles using intuitive touch-screen controls, players can let loose powerful attacks and transform into a mighty dragon to conquer mysterious evil forces. They can also share the experience with up to three friends in synchronous online multiplayer to battle through the game's main story adventure, additional quests and special Raid Events.
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    You can download Dragalia Lost now from the AppStore and Google Play. For more information about Dragalia Lost, visit https://dragalialost.com/en/.