Hot on the heels of our 2.4 beta release!We are happy to bring you a small update which fixes some outstanding bugs and introduces some new functionality.

  • Fixed payload menu freezeIt was reported that since v2.4 the "payload" menu used for launching external payloads was freezing up. This has been fixed, you can now enjoy your external payloads again!
  • Fixed installer incompatibility with recent NSP filesSome recent NSP content (like the Super Smash Bros update) wasn't installable using our NSP installer. All your recent NSP's will work now!
  • Firmware 4.1 booting againA small regression got introduced in SX OS v2.4 leaving users with a (emunand) firmware on 4.1 unable to boot. We wasted no time to figure out the root cause, and SX OS should now be compatible with every firmware version again!
  • White squares on split XCI filesSome split XCI content was not showing the icons properly, instead rendering a white rectangle. This is a thing of the past now!
  • Add support for split NSP filesWe've had support for splitting XCI content for a while now. This is needed for bigger games for people who enjoy SX OS from a FAT32 formatted microSD card. NSP content is now also supported in a split format. The file extensions used should be in the format of: .ns0, .ns1, .ns2, etc.
That's it for this small stopgap release. Keep an eye out for our coming updates!
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