If you donít know what Basilisk II is, then youíve been missing out as it enables your PSVita to enter into a whole different world of games! In this article, weíll be looking at 3 worthwile games that you should seriously play on your PSVita through Basilisk II, a 68k Mac Emulator.

1) SimCity 2000

SimCity 2000 in your hands (with touch controls)!

The PSVita didnít get any native city building/management games that are serious so why not play one in an emulator? The best candidate for this type of game is SimCity 2000, a game by Maxis thatís considered to be one of the most successful games of the 90s having sold 1.4 million copies between 1993-1999.

SimCity 2000 is a pretty fun game because it lets you be the mayor of a city that you build from the ground-up in which you can manage everything from education, to the water supply and even lets you unleash acts of god (or acts of Godzilla if you fancy that) on your city. Other than that, you can also dive into numerous scenarios in which you have to do your best to solve a specific problem before it gets out of hand.
If youíre a fan of older SimCity games, you can always check SimCity Classic which is another fun game that runs well on the PlayStation Vita through Basilisk II!
2) Burning Monkey Solitaire 2

Do you enjoy wacky games, monkeys and cards? If so, then Burning Monkey Solitaire is an excellent candidate for your time! This game does card games with a twist in which the actual gameplay mechanisms are faithful to the original games but the experience is made much more fun thanks to the cheeky monkeys that are present all over the game.

These monkeys do numerous things to spice up the game like saying silly quotes, making sound effects and most importantly, featuring on the cards that you play with! Other than a whole slew of monkeys, BMS also has a whole slew of card games available which include:

  • Klondike
  • Strict Klondike
  • Freecell
  • Canfield
  • Pyramid
  • Golf
  • Calculation
  • Little Spider
  • Will Oí the Wisp
  • 52 Card Pick-Up

3) Odyssey Ė The Legend of Nemesis

Odyssey: The Legend of Nemesis offers a good deal of intriguing gameplay so that you donít get bored of it quickly!

When it comes the RPGs, the PSVita has its own fair share of good ones like P4G and numerous Final Fantasy games but one can never quite have enough RPGs on their hands. Odyssey Ė The Legend of Nemesis is a Macintosh-exclusive RPG game that was released as freeware a couple years back. Unfortunately, it kind of got buried under numerous other great games and hasnít got much attention in recent years.

In this game, you have to travel between 9 islands, all with different stories to listen and adventures to play through. Obviously, youíll be fighting plenty of monsters but thereís more to the game than just that as it contains dozens of different people to speak to and the story is non-linear so you wonít get bored so easily.
If youíre a fan of RPG games and want to give an older one a go, then this game is certainly a very good candidate as itís considered to be one of the best Macintosh RPGs of all time by some!

Classic Macintosh machines have quite a bit to offer and, in my opinion, should be given more importance nowadays. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch doesnít currently have a port of Basilisk II for it but thatíll hopefully change in the near future and who knows, maybe it could even do a good job at running SheepShaver, a PowerPC Mac emulator, now that its CPU can be overclocked!
To get Classic Macintosh games, you can look on eBay or other websites but unfortunately, the easiest way to get them is through illegal ways these days.