• My PS4 Life is a newly released function on the PlayStation official site, which allows for players to receive a "customized" gaming video, showcasing their trophies, play time, and more. Normally, trophy data is usually calculated in percentages, denoting a specific % number of people who have obtained a trophy. My PS4 Life instead uses raw numbers, giving users a near exact number of people who have a certain trophy. This has lead to some using the available data in order to calculate worldwide player numbers for numerous games. This is notable because exact sales numbers for games in all regions on a certain platform usually are not given. Of course, these numbers aren't a true representation of sales, as free PlayStation Plus titles can inflate the player counts, the fact that games can be shared on multiple accounts, and some players may purchase games but never play them. But this could be the closest we've gotten to having a general idea of how certain games did on the PlayStation 4 platform.

    If you want to check out some of the numbers, there's a website that has compiled information from thousands of these My PS4 Life videos: gamstat.com, linked in the source. Numerous games are listed on the site, with a handful of games' player data shown below. The owner of the site also provides every video he uses to calculate the numbers, allowing for others to check his work for accuracy.

    • Persona 5 - Worldwide excluding Asian territories - 1,690,000 players.
    • Grand Theft Auto V - Worldwide - 51,700,000 players.
    • Minecraft - Worldwide - 25,600,000 players.
    • Rocket League - Worldwide - 22,600,000 players.
    • The Last of Us: Remastered - Worldwide - 15,900,000 players.
    • Fallout 76 - Worldwide - 407,000 players.
    • Spyro Remastered - Worldwide - 679,000 players.
    • Goat Simulator - Worldwide - 1,480,000 players.
    • Mass Effect: Andromeda - Worldwide - 2,210,000 players.
    • Detroit: Become Human - Worldwide - 2,440,000 players.
    • Resident Evil 7 - Worldwide - 5,610,000 players.
    • Red Dead Redemption II - Worldwide - 6,110,000 players.
    • Call of Duty WWII - Worldwide - 24,600,000 players.