You may recall back in July we uncovered a few interesting new trademark filing from Universal that sounded very much like possible names for a new theme park. The names includes options for “Fantastic Worlds” as well as “Epic Universe”. Now the other day an interesting photo leaked out from some kind of presentation that put the name “Universal’s Fantastic Worlds” in large letters across one of the concept art pieces Universal has previously shown for Super Nintendo World. At the top of the screen, it also clearly says Universal Orlando Resort, so is it possible that Universal has settled upon this as the official name for the newest Orlando area theme park in development? The choice of graphics also seems to confirm the rumors that Super Nintendo World, once expected to go into the original Universal Studios Florida theme park, is being held on reserve for this new park instead when it appears in the US.
Of course until the official announcement comes, a lot can change of course, but until then, this gives us something to dream about.