Appleís no stranger to shipping out devices that tend to bend, such as iPhone 6, but now, itís set a new record and shipping devices that are bent out of the box!
A little back story on the iPad Pro 2018

Spec-wise, the iPad Pro 2018 is pretty impressive as it scores almost 18k in the GeekBench 4 CPU test but it has its own problemsÖ
A little over a month ago, Apple released their new iPad Pro models that killed the home button, thinned the bezels and gave the device a more industrialist design along with the mandatory processor update. While this is all good news, Apple also decided to hike the price of the entry level iPad Pro to $799 (which translates to a ridiculous Ä900+ for those of us in Europe) for the entry-level 64GB model while still selling the 2017 10.5-inch iPad Pro for the same price it sold for initially ($649 for the base model).