rsn8887 has ported version 1.81 of "Uae4All2", the Commodore Amiga emulator for the nintendo Switch.


Download and unzip
Copy the resulting folder uae4all2 to /switch/ onto your SDCard, ensure none of the "archive" flags is set.
You should now have the executable /switch/uae4all2/uae4all2.nro and a folder /switch/uae4all2/data/ with the keyboard icons and other data files on your SDCard.
Obtain and copy BIOS files kick13.rom (Amiga 500), and kick31.rom (Amiga 1200) to your SDCard into /switch/uae4all2/kickstarts/.
Optional: copy over additional BIOS files kick12.rom, kick20.rom, kickcustom.rom (for e.g. version 3.1.4 or any other user-supplied BIOS) to the same folder.
Use your favorite Homebrew Launcher or Homebrew Loader to start Uaeall2

MD5 of verified working kickstart rom files, you can test yours at onlinemd5:

kick12.rom (256 kB): (MD5) 85AD74194E87C08904327DE1A9443B7A
kick13.rom (256 kB): (MD5) 82A21C1890CAE844B3DF741F2762D48D
kick20.rom (512 kB): (MD5) FA4ACC75B49E880679FE02716AF24D71
kick31.rom (512 kB): (MD5) 646773759326FBAC3B2311FD8C8793EE

Other files might work, too.

You can purchase legal bios roms from Amiga Forever. They work. But since they are encrypted, you have to copy over your .key file along with the roms.



allow higher CPU speed hack (for Alien Breed 3D)
allow optional custom kickstart named kickcustom.rom (for 3.1.4 etc.)
buttons can now be mapped to quickload/quicksave for fast savestates
a button can be mapped to "fast mouse", hold it down to speed up mouse
"slow mouse" or "fast mouse" buttons now also affect touch and real mice
populate custom controls with sensible defaults instead of all blank


improve keyboard input (fixes Celtic Legends)
on Switch, improve single/dual joycon mode switching