Unless youíve been living under a rock, you know that Sony recently released their PlayStation Classic mini-console. Unfortunately, Sony didnít seem to care an awful lot about it, released an unpolished product and now, the mini-console is already seeing massive price cuts!

At first glance, the PlayStation Classic looks like a nice small PlayStation 1 thatís there to be an easy way to play some old classics. However, itís plagued by quite a few problems which kind of make it lose its value and these include:

A lackluster selection of games that doesnít include classics like Crash Bandicoot, Chrono Trigger and Spyro

The PlayStation Classicís game line-up is pretty disappointing as it doesnít include masterpieces like Chrono Trigger but at least you can easily sideload other games!

The fact it is using an open source emulator (PCSX ReARMed) rather than an in-house emulator. As a result, the PlayStation Classic has some performance issues which is pretty mind blowing considering the age of the hardware itís emulating
A UI thatís quite unattractive which doesnít have many features. One notable gripe when it comes to features is that the PlayStation Classic only allows you to utilise one save state slot per game which is pretty disastrous.

Thankfully, Sony not only neglected the software side but it also neglected security hence making it very easy for end-users to add their own games and paving the way for future homebrew developments to take place! As a result, the PlayStation Classic might get emulators for other platforms, the ability to run full Linux distributions and much more since itís really just a cheap ARM mini PC.

Recently, the PlayStation Classic has been available on places such as Amazon, B&H Photo and Walmart for under $60 which is a pretty significant price reduction from the original retail price of $99.99. According to Business Insider, Sony said that these promotions are to run until January 26, 2019 so they apparently wonít be forever but by then, some retailers may be selling them at even cheaper prices if sales figures arenít great.