Q-encore (Quick h-encore), by Yoti, is a modified version of the launcher of TheFlow’s h-encore that removes some of its features to make running h-encore require less steps from the user’s end.

The main menu
The ability to force re-install VitaShell
You’ll probably never need to do this unless you’re mucking around with VitaShell or a bad update somehow slips through
The README also states that Q-encore auto downloads VitaShell if you removed it, that taiHEN’s config files will be restored if they’re not found at ux0:/tai or ur0:/tai and that HENkaku gets reinstalled if a module gets removed.

If you don’t know much about PSVita hacking, h-encore is a hack by TheFlow that lets you run homebrew/plugins/themes and much more on FW 3.65-8 (think of it as HENkaku for those firmwares). FW 3.65 doesn’t need Q-encore because it can use Enso which allows unsigned code to run at boot without any user interaction.

Press TRIANGLE on your device and press copy (now, the system.dat file that’s Q-encore itself is in VitaShell’s clipboard)
Navigate to ux0:/user/00/savedata
Find the PCSG90096 folder, press TRIANGLE and select ‘Open Decrypted’
Paste the system.dat file there
Reboot your PSVita and hope it works well 🙂
Congrats, you just saved yourself a single button press every time you reboot your PSVita/PSTV!
You can optionally make a backup of the h-encore bubble you applied Q-encore to in QCMA for safekeeping just in case you manage to delete it or your memory card goes bust
As you can see, the installation process is pretty easy so even though Q-encore only saves you about a second per reboot, I personally think that it’s worth installing it on your system since it doesn’t take long to do. Furthermore, it could simplify the process for hacking the device if you hand it to less tech-savvy friends or family!

via http://wololo.net/2018/12/26/q-encor...svita-or-pstv/