First of, best wishes to everyone for the new year!
We're starting of 2019 with a bang as we jump back exactly 21 years in time to January of 1998 with issue 10 of N64 Magazine. This issue took quite a bit of work, especially the cover which took 6+ hours to get right. You can see the evolution of this cover at the bottom of our Restoration Process feature.
So let's take a look what's inside this issue.
We start of with a massive 16 page cover story: the review for Rare's classic kart racer Diddy Kong Racing.
We then move on to a little less celebrated game called Chameleon Twist. And then look at Duke Nukem 64.
Finally we look at the Japanese exclusive Puyo Puyo 64, and we finish up with a guide that tries to explain what this weir little Game Boy game called Pocket Monsters is, and why people seem to like it quite a bit, despite being a 2 year old game on an 8-bit system in 1998.