Folks, are you still playing Nintendo‘s Mario Tennis Aces? If you are, it looks like you have to get ready your sporty soul as another update is coming for this tennis video game. This fellow is ready to challenge you in the tennis tournament.

Nintendo has released the official trailer for Mario Tennis Aces. In this trailer, it features the upcoming downloadable content character, Luma! If you are going to participate in an online between January 1 at 9:00 JST, you will obtain Luma in no time. Meanwhile, if you are not participating in the online tournament, you will get Luma on February 1 9:00 JST.

Watch the reveal trailer of Luma for Mario Tennis Aces below.

Unleash an arsenal of shots and strategies in all-out tennis battles with friends, family, and fan-favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters. Whether you play locally,* online,** or using simple motion controls, intense rallies await! In Adventure mode, experience a new favor of tennis gameplay, with a variety of missions, boss battles and more.

Complete missions and boss battles in Adventure mode while mastering the controls. Test your hard-earned skills in singles or doubles with up to 4 players in local* or online** multiplayer, not to mention Tournament Mode, which lets you challenge the CPU. Store up energy and use it to pull off amazing feats: move so fast the world slows down around you or aim in first-person to send the ball crashing down! Your rivals may attempt to block you, but if they fail, their racket will take damage—and break after three hits. Fully charge your energy to launch the ball with enough force to KO your opponent! – via Nintendo

This game was released last June 22 worldwide. And, the great news is we have available stocks for Mario Tennis Aces for the US, Europe, and Japan versions. So, if you don’t own this game, just click the button below to get your copies right now! Search Result for -Mario Tennis Aces-