Rayark Games‘ rhythm game, Deemo, was officially launched for the Nintendo Switch in Japan last October. Now, Flyhigh Works announced that they will be releasing a free update for the game with its version 1.5 that is due out in late January, which was announced during the Flyhigh Express End-of-Year Special 2018.

The new update will add several new pieces of music as well as a musical sheet on the screen whenever players get their head on the game with the Toy-Con Piano.

Plus, you can check out the additional information below about the upcoming update for Deemo, via Circle Entertainment/Flyhigh Works.

“Also, another Rayark title already available on Nintendo Switch, Deemo, has a notable update on the way. Version 1.5 will add the Team Grimoire Collection (5 new songs), and also 10 additional tracks will be added to the Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Collection (playable with the Labo piano). We’ve appreciated the response to the Labo Toy-Con support in Deemo, and hope players will enjoy playing 10 more songs on the device when this update launches in the near future.”

Game Overview
Deemo is a simple rhythm game that takes place in a fantasy world filled with rich imagery. Hit the notes that stream toward the screen in time with the beat. The system of the game is easy to master, and you can enjoy playing this game as much as you enjoy playing the piano.

There are more than 200 pieces of songs for you to choose from, with difficulty levels from Easy to Normal and Hard. Also, the developer has plans to add even more music in the game through future free updates. Deemo is a rhythm game that is suitable for both novice and experienced players who are up for more challenge.

The game’s music is composed mostly by Taiwanese and Japanese composers, with a diverse variety of vocal and instrumental songs, crossing a vast array of genres.

Furthermore, this version also features controller support for TV mode and table mode in addition to the touchscreen-supported handheld mode.

Deemo is a strange being who lives alone in a castle, playing the piano to itself. One day, his solitude was disturbed by a little girl with no memory who falls down from the sky. All of a sudden, Deemo feels constrained to help her get home back to her world.

While looking for a way to get her back from where she belongs, Deemo notices a small sprout which grows the more song is performed. If Deemo is able to make it grow into a tree, tall enough so it would reach the window in the ceiling, she may just be able to get home.

As the two interacts, Deemo discovers what it feels to have a companion. What awaits the two when the little girl recovers her memory? Are you ready to witness this somewhat peculiar and touching tale?