We’re not alone in the universe…
Ranging between 100 billion and 200 billion galaxies out there; the universe is surely the biggest and most crowded inhabited place ever created.
In there you can find a hugely vast number of different species who live more or less peacefully among the stars; there are friendly and cute ones like E.T. or Alf, some with a very unique artistic sense like Ziggy Stardust, and others who continuously try to conquer the Earth like Thanos, the Daleks or the Visitors.

But there is even specific kind of aliens which main focus is Japan. If you are a fan of Japanese pop-culture names like Alien Baltan, Bemstar, Gan Q, and Zetton will surely sound familiar to you. Coming from different planets, and provided with peculiar super-powers, all of them have one aspect in common. Their enemy, the only being who has the ability to send them back into the outer space…Ultraman!
Created by Eiji Tsuburaya, and originally aired on Tokyo Broadcasting System from July 17, 1966, to April 9, 1967; Ultraman: A Special-Effects Fantasy Series (ウルトラマン 空想特撮シリーズ) is still today one of the most iconic characters renowned worldwide. Since its first broadcast; Ultraman becomes a huge pop-phenomenon which gave birth to dozens of sequels, spin-offs, homages, parodies, and remakes.

Appearing in video games, manga series, ads, cup noodles, and thousands of other different products; this being made of light is a real super-hero who during his long successful career teamed up with other characters such as Kamen Rider and MS Gundam! But what makes this franchise so popular? Well, an important reason for its success is due to the enemies.
In fact, Ultraman contains some of the weirdest creatures ever appeared on any other series. For example you’ll not find anything like the fishy Alien Baltan who shoots laser rays from the claws, the walking spaceship King Joe who can separate its body into four smaller ships at will, or the biomechanical Dino-Tank who is made by 50% part dinosaur & 50% part tank to bring 100% of destruction on our planet.

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