Snake is an all-time classic and obviously, the Vita has its own homebrew port by Grzybojad.

However, its developer thought that it needed a few more features and so released version 1.2 to add some more stuff to this simple yet enjoyable game. These features include:

  • Touchscreen support in both the game itself (for controlling the snake) and the menus
    • With this update, the snake follows your finger so you can play Snake a bit differently
    • Unfortunately, there isnít a way to disable touch controls so the game might become unplayable if your PSVitaís touchscreen is a bit defective

  • Ability to change the appleís look from the Options menu. Available looks include the Nokia pellet, a battery, a regular apple, a brighter apple and a Sonic-like ring
  • Some small tweaks such as an update to the ďHow To PlayĒ text and some visual tweaks to the menus

Like Meritous, Snake is available on VHBB (VitaDB Link) so you can grab it from there or from the in-line link above.
The gyroscope on the Vita is usually a forgotten hardware component but with Frying Master, it can actually be used to fry some stuff!

vitaSnake aside, the PSVita also got another piece of homebrew this week and itís called Frying Master. Frying Master is a Unity-based game, by Reddit user ďLazyOx199ď, which allows you to use the gyroscope (or analogue sticks+buttons) to cook up stuff in a frying pan. Right now, the game is still work in progress and you can only cook meat patties and square piece of steak but itís unique and fun nonetheless!
To fry some stuff on your PSVita, check out its Reddit thread and download the VPK from there.

All these homebrew releases in such a short period of time are a nice reminder that PSVita homebrew releases arenít over yet and that development is still going on. If you want to look at other interesting stuff, you can check out Nikita Krapivinís recent work on getting a PC screen streaming solution with input to work on the PSVita through the PSM framework! Obviously, you should still use Moonlight if you have a supported Nvidia GPU as the PSM app only works @ around 5FPS.
As for now, you can start the year on a better note with the above releases because messing around with homebrew is always fun!