When HENkaku was released, everybody was told to update to FW 3.60 and older firmwares faded away into irrelevancy especially after Adrenaline was released. While FW 3.5x was happy in its grave, CelesteBlue thought otherwise and brought it back up from the grave with MemeKaku!

What is MemeKaku? What’s the current state of HENkaku on FW 3.55/7?

MemeKaku, by CelesteBlue, is a backport of HENkaku to older PSVita firmwares namely FW 3.55 and 3.57. HENkaku,Team Molecule, is a native hack for the PSVita which allows you to run homebrew, use plugins, install custom themes and much much more.

As of right now, MemeKaku is at the following state:

  • You can run homebrew and plugins with it
    • Some homebrew/plugins may refuse to work properly as they may use offsets specific to certain firmware versions

  • Loading decrypted content from ux0:/patch is possible
  • Enso is currently not supported but CelesteBlue said it could be ported to all FWs lower than 3.65
    • Enso is a hack that lets you run unsigned code at boot without any user interaction. It functions like a full untether in iOS jailbreaking terms

  • Some plugins like Custom Warning and Custom Boot Splash don’t work
  • Many other things may not work or require slight adjustments to work with firmwares 3.55/3.57
  • Information about the state of MemeKaku came from this page which is maintained by TheRadziu

Is there anything else planned?

Support for older firmware versions is coming soon so don’t go update your PSVita running an older firmware just yet!

Obviously, CelesteBlue’s tinkering with his newly acquired dev kit doesn’t stop here and he’s plans to support more firmware versions in the future. Most notably, he said that FW 3.51 support is the next thing in mind for MemeKaku and that FW 3.18 support will also be coming soon.
Other than HENkaku on lower firmwares, CelesteBlue’s dev kit may also bring about other noteworthy stuff on the PSVita so make sure you stay tuned for any updates through his Twitter account found here. If you don’t know who he is, CelesteBlue is a veteran PSVita developer who worked on getting FW 3.67+ games to work on FW 3.60/5, contributed to LOLIcon (a plugin that lets you overclock your Vita to 494MHz) and much more. He’s also given some contributions to the PS4 hacking scene.

via http://wololo.net/2018/12/29/memekak...-felt-like-it/