Manurocker95 has posted a new Puzzle game for the Nintendo Switch:

How to play:

We all know how to play 15 puzzle game just tap on the tokens to change the place to the blank one.
Once they are correctly placed, the game is done. How many steps will you do?

Tested on YuZu and ReiNX 2.0 + 6.2 Sysnand.

Other Input:

R + L: De/Activate debug mode
Debug mode + X: Shuffle again
Debug mode + y: Reset steps and 100 minutes of time
Plus: Exit and Save the game

What does this have:

Splash screen, title screen and game screen
Music and SFX
Images rendered with SDL2
Settings and game data saved in a JSON in switch/manurocker95/FifteenNX/data.sav
Multilanguage support (just Spanish and English for now)
Open source code