BernardoGiordano offers version 3.6.0 of " Checkpoint ", excellent backup manager for nintendo switch

Switch: What's new

Added: a bridge functionality between Checkpoint for Switch and PKSM (for 3DS, v6.0.0 and above) has been implemented.
It allows to send (and then receive back) a save file over the network, to allow manipulations without having to browse your save backups manually on your PC.
It also needs to be manually enabled by editing your configuration file. Once it's enabled, you can access the bridge by pressing L+R on a valid game.
This feature currently works only with LGPE.
Fixed: buttons are now responsive as before while navigating the UI.
Fixed: titles with black background are now displayed properly.
Fixed: checkmark color doesn't confuse with title icons anymore.
Fixed: text doesn't bleed textboxes like before anymore.