Postal Vita is a source port of Postal that was delivered to the PSVita by Rinnegatamante from the Switch port by MVG. From my brief testing session, I can say that port works pretty well and has the following features:
◾Smooth frame rates with a wide-screen aspect ratio so that almost all of the Vita’s screen is filled up

◾Working audio and voices so you can enjoy the sound of bullets, sirens and screaming that’s all over the game
◾A comfortable control scheme that uses both analogue sticks for control◾If you didn’t figure it out immediately, the right analogue stick is used both for aiming and shooting

◾The extra levels found in Super Postal and Special Delivery work properly so you can wreak some havoc elsewhere if you fancy
◾You get the full main-menu of Postal so you can get the full Postal experience like you did back in the day

As of right now, saving doesn’t work as you’re thrown back into the pause menu when you try to save a game. That being said, there’s still plenty to enjoy so don’t let the inability to save prevent you from going postal!

Postal is not a free game so the data files aren’t included. However, you can acquire them for the nominal price of $/€2 off Steam or GOG. After getting the game, you have to install it and copy the “res” and “title” folders to ux0:/data/Postal. I have personally tried this port with files from the GOG version so I can confirm that they work out-of-the-box.

Download Link (VHBB):