Streamers are increasingly turning to YouTube and Facebook as growth on Twitch slowed to its lowest rate all year in Q4 2018.
That's according to the latest quarterly report from livestream tools developer Streamlabs, which found the number of active streamers grew 8% for the period.
YouTube Live meanwhile saw a 21% increase in active streamers up to 756,0000, with a 75% increase in 2018.
It was a similar story for Facebook Live, which saw a 23% increase in active streamers quarter-over-quarter to 87,000, with a 91% increase overall in 2018.
Microsoft's Mixer platform is struggling however. Not only has the concurrent streamer number fallen by 2,000 since Q2, but the active streamer growth has stagnated. Despite this however, concurrent viewership is up 27% quarter-over-quarter to 28,000, having increased 195% in 2018.