The long-awaited noir psychological horror game Dollhouse of Soedesco and Creazn Studio has finally received its newest update. Recently, publisher Soedesco revealed the PlayStation 4 box art for the much-awaited horror title which can be seen below:

Dollhouse was first revealed by Soedesco in 2013 and was originally scheduled for a 2016 release on PC, Mac, Linux, and PlayStation 4. Unfortunately, the game has been pushed back for a 2017 release that resulted in another delay.

In 2018, no words from both publisher and developer have been heard about the noir psychological horror game, Dollhouse. Finally, the silence has been shattered by Soedesco and Creazn Studio when they recently revealed the box art for the game and guess what? A new release date for the game has been uncovered and it is expected to make its debut this 2019.

But, what is the game all about?

Dollhouse brings you to the unexpected side of Hollywood. The game is set in the enticing environment of Hollywood in the late 1950s. Follow the role of a detective who suffers from amnesia named Marie. Take control of her mind and help her in the mysterious things that haunt her in this noir psychological horror game.

Keep in mind that Marie only has a certain memory that was left with her, and it is about her daughter who has just died. And now, something terrible is after her. Are you ready to dive into the depths of Marie’s mind and unravel the mysteries of her past? Are you ready to embark on a terrifying journey?

Where to Pre-order the Game?

Although a concrete release for the game is still unknown as of this moment, pre-order for the game is already available here at Playasia. So, if you want to reserve your copies as early as now, you can secure yours here on our website. Click the button below to reserve the US version of the game.