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Thread: [SWITCH] OpenLara v20190109=>20190111

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    Default [SWITCH] OpenLara v20190109=>20190111

    XProger has released a new version of "OpenLara", a port of the game "Tomb Raider" for the nintendo Switch.

    STEP 1: Extract OpenLara.nacp and OpenLara.nro from the archive into "/switch/OpenLara/" on your microSD card
    for original PC, PSX and Sega Saturn CD version owners
    copy data from your CD into /switch/OpenLara/
    for ported android version owners
    unzip data file /sdcard/obb/com.squareenix.tombraider1classic/ into /switch/OpenLara/
    for Steam/GOG version owners
    go to ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Tomb Raider (I)\ and run dosbox.exe
    enter these commands
    mount C .
    imgmount d ".\game.dat" -t iso -fs iso
    xcopy D:\DATA\ C:\DATA\
    after that you'll get level files in the new "DATA" folder copy them into /switch/OpenLara/
    for advanced users
    copy level and title screen files (PHD, PSX, PCX, PNG, RAW, SAT, SAD, SPR, SND, BIN) into "/switch/OpenLara/level/1/"
    copy audiotrack files (track_*.ogg, track_*.mp3) into "/switch/OpenLara/audio/1/"
    STEP 2: Open switchbrew hbmenu (Album app) and run OpenLara

    To switch into two players mode hold L and R buttons on both joy-cons.
    Clicking on the sticks mapped as Start button and used to respawn your player to the position of another.
    Hold L and R buttons on the one of joy-cons to switch back to single player mode.

    bug reports :
    questions :

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