A notable feature of the PlayStation 4 is Remote Play and thankfully, Sony allows you to use a PC with it as well. This is all well and good but the program has this one flaw of requiring an internet connection to work but thanks to MysteryDash’s patches, this artificial requirement can be waived!

Offline PS4 Remote Play, by MysteryDash, is a piece of software for Windows computers that patches the official Remote Play application from Sony in order to make it work without an active internet connection. This allows you to use Remote Play wherever you are provided you have a power supply, a computer running Windows, a PlayStation 4 and a local internet connection.

For example, it would be useful if your home’s internet connection stops working due to issues from the ISP-side; in this situation, your home router would still work so you still have a LAN to which you can connect your PS4. Another use case is if you go on holiday to somewhere that doesn’t have a TV and want to use your laptop as the PS4’s screen. With this software, all you need for Remote Play is to connect your PS4 directly to a laptop via an Ethernet cable!

In recent days, MysteryDash updated his Offline PS4 Remote Play patching software to version 3.0 which brings along:
◾ A rename to Offline PS4 Remote Play Auto-Patcher as it automatically builds patches for any version you throw at it

This update makes the program as simple as it can get as it’s only made up of a single button that does the work for you!

◾Support for version of PS4 Remote Play, which doesn’t require you to log into PSN to work, for Windows which is the latest version

README (important to check out): https://github.com/MysteryDash/Offli...ster/README.md

Download Page: https://github.com/MysteryDash/Offli...eleases/latest
via http://wololo.net/2019/01/13/offline...-auto-patcher/