In recent times, the PSVita has only been receiving minor updates that don’t do much except add some security fixes and remove features. Now, Sony released FW 3.70 which is yet another minor update and interestingly enough, it doesn’t even change NpDrm (game decryption) keys!

As far as the regular end-user is concerned, FW 3.70 barely changes anything as most of its changes are all under the hood. From SilicaAndPina’s comparison between files found in the 3.69 and 3.70 PUP file, the following saw changes:

  • The Calendar application and its background although VitaTricks didn’t get patched so it’s anyone guess as to what Sony did.
  • The Near application, which was discontinued on July 31, 2017

  • Some things having to do with the kernel, Twitter and the store checkout plugin
  • The f00d key was apparently changed although Yifan Lu still appears to have been able to access the secure kernel’s plain text and get the master key which means that Sony’s measures didn’t change much when it comes to hacking.