Fortnite earned more digital revenue than any other game in 2018, according to SuperData's latest report.
Epic Games' all-conquering battle royale title earned $2.4 billion last year, a figure that SuperData has declared as "the most annual revenue of any game in history."
The popularity of Fortnite was evident in all parts of the games business. The streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins rose to prominence in no small part due to his Fortnite content, and his Twitch channel amassed 218 million hours watched in 2018 -- more than second place Riot Games (95m) and third place Shroud (86m) combined.
SuperData also cited Fortnite as a key factor in pushing digital games revenue up 11% to $110.7 billion across Mobile, PC and Console. Mobile was the lead digital games platform overall, with $61.6 billion of the market, followed by PC with $31.8 billion and Console with $13.1 billion.
The dominant business model was free-to-play, which accounted for 80% of all digital games revenue in 2018 -- around $88 billion in total, of which 54% was earned in Asia.