Tivoli Gardens will invest about €13.5 million for the 2019 season as part of a ride replacement program. From what I’m told, several of the park’s oldest rides are slated to be replaced with newer versions. Included in the mix are a new generation of [COLOR=#1B8EDE !important]Bumper[/COLOR] Cars, the park’s Odinexpressen (powered Mack family coaster) will be replaced by a new general Mack powered family coaster called “Mælkevejen”, which translates to “Milky Way”. The park is also adding a Zierer Force Zero called Karavanen which will replace the existing [COLOR=#1B8EDE !important]Camel[/COLOR] Trail coaster. The park’s Fatamorgana tower ride will also be a bit more thrilling in 2019 as a new “tilting” action is being added. A few more changes and upgrades can also be expected, and you can get a complete rundown posted over at Themeparks-EU this week.