In lieu of Master Chief's continued absence, Microsoft is working on a trio of Gears of War titles -- with two due by the end of the year.
Naturally, fans are most excited about Gears 5 (so famous have the series' Lancer-wielding antics become that Xbox has apparently dropped the "of War"), with strategy enthusiasts intrigued by the prospect of the PC-exclusive Xcom-like Gears Tactics. The third is much more unusual.
Gears Pop is the franchise's first mobile outing and, as the logo and title imply, is modeled on the hugely popular Funko Pop figurines. Little has been revealed about the title since its E3 unveiling, though it's a safe bet that this is a free-to-play outing designed as both fan service for die-hard followers and a potential entry point for mobile gamers -- an audience many times larger than that of Xbox.
One thing that has come to light is the developer: Mediatonic.
This London-based studio is already known for Square Enix RPG Heavenstrike Rivals, the international remake of pigeon-dating oddity Hatoful Boyfriend, and Fantastic Beasts: Cases from the Wizarding World, a hidden-object game based on the works of JK Rowling.