Did you buy a PlayStation Classic solely to hack and use non-PlayStation 1 emulators on? If so, PSC_RetroBoot is an ideal tool for you as it directly boots your console into RetroArch.

Among the features that PSC_RetroBoot has, we find:
◾ Direct booting into RetroArch, duh!
◾Ability to play the 20 built-in games as this runs off USB without modifying the pre-loaded files
◾Game scanning and playlist creation capabililties
◾ Two RetroArch cores namely PPSSPP and Mupen64Plus◾ To grab more RetroArch cores, check out this link

To get this small yet useful tool, head over to this Reddit thread and grab the provided ZIP file. To use PSC_RetroBoot, get a pendrive, format it as FAT32/EXT4, name the volume you created SONY and copy over the files of the ZIP!